Wrongworld: Better Than Minecraft?


For so long, Minecraft has sat pretty, dominating all other crafting survival games. It was king. Is now the time that Minecraft FINALLY meets its match?!

Yes. Yes it is.

No, not Terraria! Nobody cares about that! I’m talking about something… bigger. Something bigger than all of us. More importantly, something bigger than Minecraft.


Wrongworld takes survival games to the next level. It takes the very WORD survival to the next level.

You don’t see Minecraft showing up in the dictionary.

But what makes this game better than Minecraft? Is it the furry texture that Minecraft could only DREAM of having without mods? Is it its captivating plot? The beloved story of a hero stranded on the wrong world? Is it the friggin’ moon?!

Man, look at that moon.

Yes, yes, and yes. Wrongworld’s furry hero braves the unknown world, the wrong world, fighting… whatever the heck these enemies are supposed to be that make noises that surely won’t send a shiver down your spine!

Taken from the Steam store page.

Does Wrongworld have biomes? Heck yeah it has biomes! Grassland, deserts, snowfields, whatever this dead looking area is supposed to be! It’s got them all! Who cares that Minecraft has more when Wrongworld does it BETTER?

Not to mention you can build an actual house. No more stacking random blocks together to make it LOOK like a house. This game’s got walls!

And I gotta tell you. The minigames? Ingenious. You can fight enemies in a boxing ring to win prizes! There’s also that one area where you have to move letters around to make the Wrongworld sign! I think! I mean, I totally know the answer. I’m just not going to TELL you because you should play it for yourself. I totally wouldn’t forget. That would be irresponsible of me.

You can craft houses, weapons, farming tools, even a greenhouse! What other games let you craft a greenhouse? Wrongworld clearly goes above and beyond the call of duty. SOMEONE GIVE THIS GAME AN OSCAR!

Anyway, that’s Wrongworld. You should check it out.


3 thoughts on “Wrongworld: Better Than Minecraft?

  1. NotAquaRelated

    Thank you, you have opened my eyes to the wonders of Wrongworld. I would never imagine returning to Minecraft after seeing the beauty that is this game. It has everything that Minecraft wishes it could.

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  2. max

    The game certainly looks pretty interesting – but it has something which Minecraft has plenty but wrongworld doesn’t – The community.
    We have dream, georgenotfound, mrbeast, tommy these YouTubers streaming exciting mc contents, have servers like hypixel which allows you to do many multiplayer, and I miss the creative mode in mc too!
    Oh, you are a new website which publishes reviews n guides, me2!


    1. Samantha Davis Post author

      This is very true, Minecraft definitely has the community going for it. I think it all depends on what you’re looking for in a game; whether you want an experience with friends or a solo experience. Wrongworld is definitely a solo experience (unless you force your friend who hates it to stream it for you haha). I should also clarify that this post was meant to be satirical. I appreciate your feedback though! And I’ll check out your blog.



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