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Everything is a PC game available on Steam, PS4, and Switch. Dang, I thought it was just Steam. This is a game that I had gotten through a bundle, so I only paid $1 for it. Typically it goes for $14. …And 99 cents, of course.

You start the game as what I’m assuming is a star. You have a few thoughts, pondering your existence, possibly pondering why you even bought this game (provided you didn’t receive it for free) and next thing you know, you’re a somersaulting donkey. Or whatever other unfortunate mammal you spawned as.

Shortly after, you are told that the apocalypse will happen in 541251 seconds. Which I’m sure is meaningless. Would be cool if the game just stopped after 541251 seconds though!

So, you wander around for a bit. The game spouts some cryptic crap about how wherever you’re going is the right path, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Which I’m sure is the game’s way of saying you’ll progress no matter what direction you choose. You travel around, listen to some thought bubbles, and as you progress, you gain new abilities. Like singing. Ever heard a donkey sing before? Trust me, you don’t want to. Then you get the ability to call other animals to join you. Next thing you know, you’re a herd of singing, somersaulting donkeys. Or whatever other unfortunate mammal you spawned as.

As you progress even further, you unlock the ability to descend and ascend, because let’s face it: We’ve all wanted to see life’s perspective from something other than a donkey. Like… Grass!

Basically, you can become just about any object in the game. Just about. Y NO MOON?!

I was honestly impressed by how many types of grass you can become. Seriously, there’s a lot of grass. You can also become a tree!

As you switch between objects, plants, and mammals, the game keeps track of what percentage of that group you have become. And oh boy are there a lot! I only played a half-hour of this game, but from watching the trailer, there seem to be many different biomes you can visit and objects you can capture. There’s also this audio clip of some guy talking about how we see someone and identify them as people because they look like people to us. Basically cryptic crap like that. And a lot of it. Seriously, he does not shut up.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the $14. There’s some clever dialogue, a few humorous quips, but overall, it’s not very entertaining. But if this is something that appeals to you, go ahead. Become a herd of dancing trees, sing with the grass, experience I the way others experience I, because there are other Is being born as we speak. At the end of the day: