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Final Fantasy 14’s Housing Crisis – A Brief History

Final Fantasy 14, the MMORPG that owes its success to Blizzard- no, okay. Final Fantasy 14 debuted in 2010 as an utter failure. But that’s a story for another time and completely unrelated! It more-or-less relaunched in 2013 as A Realm Reborn and also as Patch 2.0, and without housing. A few months later. Patch 2.1 was released, and housing was added! …For free companies, at least. Players seeking a personal house would have to wait until Patch 2.38. This was in July of 2014, and I didn’t start playing until 2017. How is this relevant? I don’t know, but just know I wasn’t there for this!

At the launch of housing, three residential districts were available. The Goblet in Uldah, Lavender Beds in Gridania, and Mist in Limsa Lominsa. In 2017, Shirogane was added as a fourth residential district during the launch of Stormblood, Patch 4.0. Housing wouldn’t be available for purchase until 4.1, however.

4.1 was released, and within a matter of minutes, all Shirogane plots had been bought up. There were no available plots in any of the residential districts, leaving players “homeless.” …I’m not saying that again. At this point in time, players were able to buy multiple houses, and some players would resort to scalping other players by buying plots of land and selling them for ridiculously high prices. In my previous FC, my ex and I (who were together at the time) were looking for a house. Our FC leader just so happened to be friends with one such player, and we ended up getting the house for free, outside of the standard fee.

You might be wondering why it was possible to buy multiple houses, to begin with. Back when housing was first introduced, the game had nowhere near as many players as it does now. There was also the fact that some servers were more populated than others. In fact, there is a Kotaku article about two players who bought 28 houses on one server. I’m not posting this article to hate on these players, and I certainly don’t want any readers to harass them either. This is just an example of the large availability of housing early in the game.

Housing launched with 12 wards, 60 plots each. Patch 4.2 increased this amount by adding wards 13 through 18. Unlike Patch 4.1 where all plots were immediately taken, 4.2’s expanded plot availability lasted weeks! Most likely due to the fact that housing was now reduced to one house per account. I remember the additional plots being released at this time, and I spent days trying to make enough gil to afford a medium. I probably bought my medium house a week after the patch, showing just how slowly these plots were sold. Sure, I bought it in Goblet, the least popular residential district, but players were desperate for housing.

More wards were added, with wards 19-21 being added in Patch 5.1, and wards 22-24 being added in Patch 5.35. Despite the extra wards, plots were being sold left and right, and there just weren’t enough to meet the demand. Players were at the mercy of other players relinquishing their houses (which not many do) and the automatic housing demolition system. If a player does not enter their personal house within 30 days, their house will automatically demolish, and their plot goes back out into the wild. For free companies, this is increased to all players, meaning if nobody in the FC enters the house within 30 days, the FC house will be demolished.

Even with this in place, housing was far from easy. I present to you, something all potential homeowners feared. Something we should all fear.

Credit to Reddit user TheOnlyRen for this screenshot.

That’s right. When a plot is no longer occupied, it becomes unavailable for purchase for anywhere between 30 minutes and 30 hours. Players would have to stand at the placard for HOURS, spam-clicking over and over and over until the plot was available. There would usually be a group of people competing for the house as well, meaning you could easily spend half a day clicking away just to not get the plot. What was even worse is that existing owners could relocate to another location whether the house was available for purchase or not! This was because the only reason this system was implemented was to prevent players from buying and reselling plots to scalp other players. When I originally got my plot for my FC house, my best friend and boyfriend must have spent 7-15 hours helping me click away at a placard. Made a few friends along the way. What better way to make friends? “What do you two have in common?” “We spent 20 hours clicking a mouse trying to buy a virtual house.”

With the launch of Endwalker in Patch 6.0, a fifth residential area was added in Ishgard, Empyreum. These plots were available for purchase in Patch 6.1. This time, there would be no spam-clicking, no racing online the millisecond the patch finished downloading, no more wasting hours upon hours just for someone to relocate! The lottery system was added.

With many flaws.

The lottery system was good in theory. Players would have five days to enter for the plot of their choice, then an additional four days to finalize their purchase if they won, or 90 days to reclaim their gil.

Or just be told that the winning number was 0. Or told that nobody had entered the lottery despite it saying 12 entrants.

Yep, the lottery system launched with a huge glitch that would occasionally not pick a winner. And it took a month to fix. Players were already angry about the lack of housing over the years and the plots of land not being ready to purchase, this was just the cherry on top. After exactly one month, the lottery system was back up and running, and winners were picked for the glitched plots.

On top of the lottery system, wards were changed so that there were more available for free company houses than personal housing. Just how many wards were available for free companies? Try 18. Yep, 18 wards are available to free companies in EACH residential district, and 6 wards are available for personal housing. Of course, existing personal homes in wards 1-18 weren’t demolished, but if you ever relocate from that ward, you ain’t going back. This has caused even more anger throughout the player base, with the lack of personal housing.

This is the last available mansion available in the entire server of Ultros. There are already 91 participants, and the lottery isn’t even halfway over.

Another problem with the lottery system is actually in regards to how free company lotteries work. Instead of having it to where only the free company master may enter the lottery, anyone with permission to buy a plot of land in their FC may enter. This means that a lot of times, it’s the FC with the most money that wins, because they can have as many entries as they want, so long as they have the people and the money.

As the days go on, another issue has been made blatantly clear. Players, especially those looking to buy a free company home, are only interested in medium and large plots. There are only six mansions available per ward, and 14 medium plots per ward. That isn’t a lot. A lot of small houses end up just sitting there, vacant.

There are plenty of small homes available, yet the people who actually want them, the personal housing people, are unable to buy them, because they’re locked to FCs. For a while, I had always thought it would be better to lock small houses to personal housing, and mediums and larges to free companies. But as we can see from the picture above, there are plenty of people who want a personal large.

Not only are there not enough houses to make even half the player-base happy, but there are staggeringly few of the type of houses players actually want. The only way this could be fixed is if wards were entirely redesigned to include more medium and large houses, which isn’t going to happen. Alas, Final Fantasy 14 may never truly solve its housing conundrum.


Why Did Final Fantasy XV Fail? The Unfortunate Truth of Versus XIII

Final Fantasy XV. The game that was in development for 10 years and went through three directors. How could it be anything short of success? While this game wasn’t a complete failure, it most certainly did not live up to its hype for most, and the series’ fanbase is split on whether this was a good game or not. Many people try to blame certain aspects of the game for its… less than favorable reviews, but I believe there is no one answer for why this game failed at what it was trying to achieve. Rather, it comes down to many not-so-small reasons that spelled a recipe for disaster.


This seems to be one of the smaller reasons why this game failed. …At least compared to the other reasonings. The overworld is very, very, vast. Not quite as vast as Breath of the Wild, but vast nonetheless. When you have an overworld this expansive, it’s important to fill it. Which the developers did not. You have your main towns, some dungeons, a few outposts… But most of it is empty wastelands with the occasional mob or boss walking around. Most of the time you find yourself driving for a good five to ten minutes before hitting anything remotely interesting. Quite frankly, there’s not much to do…


This is another minor reason. Plenty of story scenes and even an entire story PATH were added in a future update. But the biggest update was the addition of playable characters. With this update, you could now play as Gladius, Ignis, and Prompto, something that had been teased years before the game’s release. While I recently made a post about games milking DLC as a way to “finish” their games, I do not believe that was the case here. I believe that this functionality simply wasn’t ready at the time of release. This game was delayed to oblivion, it didn’t make sense to delay it again. But it did feel rather odd that this wasn’t included in the base game.


The story is often the aspect that gets slammed the most. Most players will agree that the story feels rushed. After ten years of developing this game, THIS is what they come up with? Final Fantasy XV’s story is by no means a bad story. It’s just not necessarily what you would think of when you think of the next main series game. Or a game that you’ve been waiting 10 years for. When the game starts out, it sounds like it’s going to be this big adventure. That gets squashed within the first couple of hours. The first half of the story is shallow, focusing on Noctis’ relationships with his three friends Gladius, Ignis, and Prompto, as well as their journey to Altissia for Noctis’ wedding. It’s a very lighthearted journey despite the fact that Noctis is essentially a wanted man. There’s no sense of dread, no sense of urgency… The only sense of dread is in the music.

That all changes when you get to the second half of the game. All of the lighthearted feelings are gone. Suddenly everyone’s world is turned upside down, and there’s not much time left. Oh yeah, and the open-world overworld is gone! Yep, the empty overworld is replaced with linear passageways designed to take you from story point to story point. Without spoiling too much, the only way to get back to the open world is by this gimmick of talking to someone who will take you back in time to before this… dreadful event happened.

Then there’s the matter of Luna. Noctis’ betrothed. Throughout trailers, she looked like she would be an integral part of the story. I mean, come on! She’s Noctis’ betrothed! Some had even theorized she might be a party member.

Nope. Couldn’t be further from the truth. She shows up in short cutscenes throughout your journey to Altissia. Cutscenes that add nothing to her character other than she’s a kind person seeking to help others. When you meet her in Altissia, she’s not much different. This is the most barebones main characters in the Final Fantasy series. Even in the movie where she has a central role, her dialogue is incredibly bland. Speaking of…


In my opinion, this is one of the biggest things that hurt the game. Square Enix invested SO much money and time on this movie. The movie took three years to produce, and only the best actors were chosen to voice the three main characters. The movie itself was mixed.

But WHY did this movie hurt the game? Well, up until the movie was announced, Insomnia was to be a playable area. I mean before the end of the game. There was even talk that halfway through the game you would meet up with Luna in Insomnia where she would become one of your party members as you played through her story. This was from articles well before the game was released, and are now lost.

The point is: The movie is drawn out WAY longer than necessary. Obviously, it had to be done in order to give the movie length, otherwise it would have been a very short film. But that’s the point! This could have been included in the main game and could have fleshed out characters such as Luna, Ravus, and even Noctis.

It feels like they spent more time creating as much media as possible to advertise this game. Movies, anime, food promotions, collaborations, real-life cars… All of this time could have been dedicated to making Final Fantasy XV the best game it could be. Not milking a game that wasn’t even out at the time.


This is by far the biggest reason Final Fantasy XV failed. Because Square Enix somehow managed to piss off their existing fans.

Okay, this wasn’t really Square Enix’s fault. They just have a really bad habit of showcasing games WAY before they’re ready to be released. Ten years, to be exact. I’m looking at you, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Final Fantasy XV was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game set in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII. It was supposed to be a sort of side game to go along with XIII, and even Type 0. While Type 0 retained a lot of its connections to XIII’s world, XV did not.

The game was first shown in 2006 at E3, as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. You know, exclusive for a console that hadn’t even been released at the time. Another trailer was shown in 2008, then the game went relatively silent for a couple of years. Then we got this impressive trailer in 2011.

I think we can all agree that Square Enix was a little in over their heads when it came to Versus XIII. The game was originally going to be developed under the same engine as Final Fantasy XIII, Crystal Tools. Yeah, no. Around 2011 they realized that engine wasn’t going to be powerful enough and created another engine, which is what we presumably see here.

In 2012, there were many rumors that the game had been canceled. ….We literally just saw it the year before. What the heck? Anyway, in 2013 the game resurfaced at E3 and was revealed to be Final Fantasy XV.

As you can see, this game was supposedly much darker than the Final Fantasy XV we got. It also replaced Luna with a girl known as Stella.

Stella is just Luna with a different hairstyle and name. No idea why they decided to make that change.

The developers have stated time and time again that most of what we see in Versus XIII is what we got in XV. The story only had minor differences, such as the removal of the Goddess Etro. Because… That was a XIII thing and this game is no longer connected to that universe. Though that story point was quite interesting. Those who had near-death experiences were granted the power to see Etro’s life when another person dies. While they did keep the fact that Noctis had a near-death experience, they oddly removed this bit entirely. Originally it was going to be the reason why Noctis was able to teleport and use certain weapons, but this eventually got changed to just being a quirk of Lucian royalty.

Fans often make the complaint that Stella was so much more interesting than Luna. We got a five-minute trailer of her explaining to Noctis who Etro is, and that’s it. How can you argue she’s more interesting than Luna? How? The developers have also assured fans that Luna and Stella are essentially no different from each other. Though I do prefer Stella’s design…

Many fans shrugged off the developers’ responses, insisting that there was more to Versus XIII that was scrapped as if Versus XIII had an entirely different story than what we got. However, after doing some digging, I’m inclined to believe the developers.

Versus XIII was a game VERY early in development that was shown off to the public way too soon. There was nothing concrete about this game. Just ideas floating around in the developers’ minds, given form through trailers. Even the gameplay might not be real gameplay, but something that was created to assure fans that this game was in development. Everything about this game seemed to be a lie, something constructed to keep fans interested until they could find a way to make this ridiculous project work.

However, if this game wasn’t shown when it was, I’m almost certain that we never would have gotten Final Fantasy XV. They NEEDED the pressure from fans to keep them working on the game. If that pressure wasn’t there, I’m sure they would have scrapped the project before anything concrete came of it.

It’s unfortunate that so many fans point to Versus XIII and say “We want that! Where did that go? Why didn’t we get that?” When that never truly existed, to begin with. What we got was Square Enix’s best attempt at making that happen. It might not be as dark as the original trailer portrayed it to be, but the story we got isn’t a bad one. It might be dragging at times, rushed at times, but it should be judged for what it is. Not what it never was.

I’ll see you guys when Kingdom Hearts 4 releases and inevitably fails for not being Versus XIII.

How To Make Gil in Final Fantasy 14

With expanded housing coming next month, players are probably eager to learn how they can make more gil to afford the luxury known as Final Fantasy 14’s houses (you know, when that plot of land is finally ready for purchase). Or maybe you just want extra gil. Who doesn’t?

I searched for several guides before writing this post, mostly to avoid restating what has already been said. Most guides give sound advice (except for the ones that encourage breaking ToS. Please, don’t do that. There are plenty of ways to make lots of gil without investing too much time), but there are even more strategies that don’t really (if ever) get touched on.


Crafting and Gathering (to save gil)

A lot of guides mention crafting and gathering will both make you a lot of gil. Some say gathering is a complete waste of time. I’m going to go somewhere in the middle of this: Gathering is more of a money saver than a money maker. The more money you save, the more money you make. Easy. Gathering can however provide a small amount of income when you gather the correct things, such as hidden or unspoiled items. Some seeds and materials can go for a decent amount on the market board. Most of the materials you need can be purchased for pretty cheap off the market board. Usually around 200 or less.

Crafting is going to be one of, if not the biggest way to make gil. Some guides say that only certain crafters make a lot of money, or that one class makes more money than the other.

This is not true.

No one class necessarily makes more than another. It’s all about the items you craft. For instance, weavers, leatherworkers and armorers can benefit from crafting HQ gear. Blacksmiths, goldsmiths and carpenters can benefit from crafting HQ weapons. Weavers and leatherworkers can ALSO benefit from crafting glam gear. And carpenters and alchemists can benefit from crafting materials that other crafters can use. This is where having crafters at, at LEAST level 80 comes in handy, as that’s when you learn the skill Trained Eye. Trained Eye raises the quality to 100% if the recipe is 10 levels lower than your level. Culinary is kind of a beast at times. Check what foods are selling well in your server and you can make a lot of gil off of this, as much as a couple hundred thousand per sale. Don’t forget you can also sell furniture too.

Something a lot of people forget about are mannequins. Mannequins are only useful for selling gear and weapons, and they’re a pain to change the price on. But mannequins allows you to commit tax evasion, further increasing the amount of profit you make. You can also force people to buy gear as part of a set, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


The crafting and gathering version of FATEs! This isn’t something I see come up often in guides. It definitely is one of the more time consuming methods, but it will make you gil. Fetes happen every two days, at two hour intervals lasting a half hour each. Yeah, you’re going to be spending a half hour MULTIPLE times per day for this one. For each Fete you complete you get 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips, for a total of 500 for each half hour you do Fetes. These Scrips can be turned in for gear, dye, mounts, emotes, hairstyles, etc, which go for several hundred thousand on the market board. Fetes also drop presents that sometimes contain Fete Tokens, which can be exchanged for dyes among other things. I wouldn’t recommend selling the mounts (even though they do sell for close to if not over 1mil) just because of how many Scrips they take. You could sell multiple of any of the other things listed above and make more gil that way. If you have some extra time, Fetes aren’t a bad way of making gil.

Treasure Maps

Okay, I can understand people not mentioning Fetes because of how long they take, but why isn’t anyone mentioning maps? You will need extra people for this, though. You need to have at least four people but no more than eight, which is where being in an FC can help. You will also need to be at least level 60. Nope, you don’t even need to be super high leveled for these. There are level 60, 70, 80, and 90 maps. Each of these maps has a chance to spawn a portal that takes you to a special dungeon. The dungeon will either have two doors that you can choose from, one allowing you to proceed and the other kicking you out. Or in later maps, there’s a roulette wheel that will pick an enemy at random to fight, or kick you out entirely. Making it to the end of these dungeons will award each player with 100k gil. That’s a lot of gil. Not only that, but each room gives you at LEAST 10k gil for completing it.


Rare materials and items can drop from these chests. Both in the dungeon, and the chest that spawns before the dungeon. These materials and items can sell for over 1mil depending on the item. A lot of items sell for several hundred thousand. Some FC members and myself did some maps for a couple hours and made close to 1mil. That was before selling any of the rare items we had obtained, meaning some of us made an additional 1mil.



So you want gil, but you don’t need THAT much gil. Roulettes are the perfect solution. Roulettes can not only make you more gil, but they give you a ton of experience as many players know. I run a few roulettes per day (three or four usually) and typically make close to 50k. That’s 50k passive. Some people will also recommend the Challenge Log. It’s definitely worth unlocking since it can occasionally give you extra EXP and gil, but it’s by no means worth going out of your way to complete.


This requires minimal effort, but does require a house. RIP. Selling crops or even seeds that can only be acquired by crossbreeding is probably the BEST passive way to make gil. Just remember to tend your plants every day. These crops and seeds can make you a profit of several hundred thousand gil. It always makes me sad to see homeowners who don’t take advantage of gardening.

You can use either this site https://www.ffxivgardening.com/ or Gamer Escape to see what cross breeds into what. I’m not going to list specific crops to avoid crashing the economy. More specifically, MY economy. The most important one. It’s best to just look things up yourself – and especially see what’s selling high in your server.

My Recommendation For Beginners 

If you’re someone who JUST started playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG, my recommendation would be to gather items and sell them. This is an okay method to use when you’re just starting out. I would also recommending leveling all of the crafters together if you don’t have a lot of gil. You won’t be locked out of recipes because you can’t afford that one material that another class makes. A common misconception is that you can’t make gil if your level is low. This isn’t true. You won’t make AS MUCH gil, but you can definitely still make 10-30k per item, which is great for a beginner. Obviously run your roulettes as the passive gil you earn from them helps a lot in the long run.

Other Ways To Make Gil

These aren’t as guaranteed as other methods (or even as productive) but maybe you want to do something out of the blue. Leves can give you a few extra gil each time you complete them, but they can also give gear as a reward that you can sell for a decent profit. Especially if it’s from that one crafter you don’t have leveled. Running extreme trials and selling the materials you get from it is another way. I would only recommend this if you’re trying to get the mounts. My best friend made several million gil by doing this, and she was just trying to get mounts. The Bahamut coils can drop materials that sell for a lot, or can otherwise be used in crafting and sold for a lot.

Desynthing can give you materials that sell for a bit. Company seals, poetics, and even beast tribe currency can be traded for materials and items that can be sold for a small profit. If you can grind out every region to the max level for Shared Fates, and then grind for more Bicolor Gemstones, those items can be sold for quite a profit. It takes a really long time, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re someone who enjoys FATEs, or are trying for an achievement. Custom Deliveries also gives a small amount of gil, and the scrips can be turned in for items that sell for a decent profit on the market board. Sending your retainers on ventures such as the 18 hour or even quick ventures can sometimes lead to them bringing back high priced items. This is fairly rare, so it might be better to have the retainer grind out a random material that’s going for a fair bit on the market board.

General Money Making Tips

Try to sell items that sell frequently, instead of high priced items that sell once every month or two. While it may be tempting, you’ll be waiting a long time. Try to keep your retainers maxed out when it comes to selling items. Even if you don’t have time to sell that high priced item, sell a cheap item. It adds up. If you’re REALLY desperate for gil, try buying another retainer and maxing that one out as well.

Don’t go for this.


This is just here for fun. While it is entirely possibly, it’s incredibly difficult to pull off with the current housing problem.

Step 1. Start an FC. Step 2. Find willing randos to join. Step 3. Raise your FC Rank to 6 (This is where Grand Company deliveries come in handy). Step 4. Buy a house (the hardest part). Step 5. Build a company Workshop. Step  6 (Optional). Kick your willing randos out of your FC. It’s YOUR FC now! Step 7. Profit off of FC crafts and voyages.

Happy money making!