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How To Make Gil in Final Fantasy 14

With expanded housing coming next month, players are probably eager to learn how they can make more gil to afford the luxury known as Final Fantasy 14’s houses (you know, when that plot of land is finally ready for purchase). Or maybe you just want extra gil. Who doesn’t?

I searched for several guides before writing this post, mostly to avoid restating what has already been said. Most guides give sound advice (except for the ones that encourage breaking ToS. Please, don’t do that. There are plenty of ways to make lots of gil without investing too much time), but there are even more strategies that don’t really (if ever) get touched on.


Crafting and Gathering (to save gil)

A lot of guides mention crafting and gathering will both make you a lot of gil. Some say gathering is a complete waste of time. I’m going to go somewhere in the middle of this: Gathering is more of a money saver than a money maker. The more money you save, the more money you make. Easy. Gathering can however provide a small amount of income when you gather the correct things, such as hidden or unspoiled items. Some seeds and materials can go for a decent amount on the market board. Most of the materials you need can be purchased for pretty cheap off the market board. Usually around 200 or less.

Crafting is going to be one of, if not the biggest way to make gil. Some guides say that only certain crafters make a lot of money, or that one class makes more money than the other.

This is not true.

No one class necessarily makes more than another. It’s all about the items you craft. For instance, weavers, leatherworkers and armorers can benefit from crafting HQ gear. Blacksmiths, goldsmiths and carpenters can benefit from crafting HQ weapons. Weavers and leatherworkers can ALSO benefit from crafting glam gear. And carpenters and alchemists can benefit from crafting materials that other crafters can use. This is where having crafters at, at LEAST level 80 comes in handy, as that’s when you learn the skill Trained Eye. Trained Eye raises the quality to 100% if the recipe is 10 levels lower than your level. Culinary is kind of a beast at times. Check what foods are selling well in your server and you can make a lot of gil off of this, as much as a couple hundred thousand per sale. Don’t forget you can also sell furniture too.

Something a lot of people forget about are mannequins. Mannequins are only useful for selling gear and weapons, and they’re a pain to change the price on. But mannequins allows you to commit tax evasion, further increasing the amount of profit you make. You can also force people to buy gear as part of a set, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


The crafting and gathering version of FATEs! This isn’t something I see come up often in guides. It definitely is one of the more time consuming methods, but it will make you gil. Fetes happen every two days, at two hour intervals lasting a half hour each. Yeah, you’re going to be spending a half hour MULTIPLE times per day for this one. For each Fete you complete you get 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips, for a total of 500 for each half hour you do Fetes. These Scrips can be turned in for gear, dye, mounts, emotes, hairstyles, etc, which go for several hundred thousand on the market board. Fetes also drop presents that sometimes contain Fete Tokens, which can be exchanged for dyes among other things. I wouldn’t recommend selling the mounts (even though they do sell for close to if not over 1mil) just because of how many Scrips they take. You could sell multiple of any of the other things listed above and make more gil that way. If you have some extra time, Fetes aren’t a bad way of making gil.

Treasure Maps

Okay, I can understand people not mentioning Fetes because of how long they take, but why isn’t anyone mentioning maps? You will need extra people for this, though. You need to have at least four people but no more than eight, which is where being in an FC can help. You will also need to be at least level 60. Nope, you don’t even need to be super high leveled for these. There are level 60, 70, 80, and 90 maps. Each of these maps has a chance to spawn a portal that takes you to a special dungeon. The dungeon will either have two doors that you can choose from, one allowing you to proceed and the other kicking you out. Or in later maps, there’s a roulette wheel that will pick an enemy at random to fight, or kick you out entirely. Making it to the end of these dungeons will award each player with 100k gil. That’s a lot of gil. Not only that, but each room gives you at LEAST 10k gil for completing it.


Rare materials and items can drop from these chests. Both in the dungeon, and the chest that spawns before the dungeon. These materials and items can sell for over 1mil depending on the item. A lot of items sell for several hundred thousand. Some FC members and myself did some maps for a couple hours and made close to 1mil. That was before selling any of the rare items we had obtained, meaning some of us made an additional 1mil.



So you want gil, but you don’t need THAT much gil. Roulettes are the perfect solution. Roulettes can not only make you more gil, but they give you a ton of experience as many players know. I run a few roulettes per day (three or four usually) and typically make close to 50k. That’s 50k passive. Some people will also recommend the Challenge Log. It’s definitely worth unlocking since it can occasionally give you extra EXP and gil, but it’s by no means worth going out of your way to complete.


This requires minimal effort, but does require a house. RIP. Selling crops or even seeds that can only be acquired by crossbreeding is probably the BEST passive way to make gil. Just remember to tend your plants every day. These crops and seeds can make you a profit of several hundred thousand gil. It always makes me sad to see homeowners who don’t take advantage of gardening.

You can use either this site https://www.ffxivgardening.com/ or Gamer Escape to see what cross breeds into what. I’m not going to list specific crops to avoid crashing the economy. More specifically, MY economy. The most important one. It’s best to just look things up yourself – and especially see what’s selling high in your server.

My Recommendation For Beginners 

If you’re someone who JUST started playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG, my recommendation would be to gather items and sell them. This is an okay method to use when you’re just starting out. I would also recommending leveling all of the crafters together if you don’t have a lot of gil. You won’t be locked out of recipes because you can’t afford that one material that another class makes. A common misconception is that you can’t make gil if your level is low. This isn’t true. You won’t make AS MUCH gil, but you can definitely still make 10-30k per item, which is great for a beginner. Obviously run your roulettes as the passive gil you earn from them helps a lot in the long run.

Other Ways To Make Gil

These aren’t as guaranteed as other methods (or even as productive) but maybe you want to do something out of the blue. Leves can give you a few extra gil each time you complete them, but they can also give gear as a reward that you can sell for a decent profit. Especially if it’s from that one crafter you don’t have leveled. Running extreme trials and selling the materials you get from it is another way. I would only recommend this if you’re trying to get the mounts. My best friend made several million gil by doing this, and she was just trying to get mounts. The Bahamut coils can drop materials that sell for a lot, or can otherwise be used in crafting and sold for a lot.

Desynthing can give you materials that sell for a bit. Company seals, poetics, and even beast tribe currency can be traded for materials and items that can be sold for a small profit. If you can grind out every region to the max level for Shared Fates, and then grind for more Bicolor Gemstones, those items can be sold for quite a profit. It takes a really long time, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re someone who enjoys FATEs, or are trying for an achievement. Custom Deliveries also gives a small amount of gil, and the scrips can be turned in for items that sell for a decent profit on the market board. Sending your retainers on ventures such as the 18 hour or even quick ventures can sometimes lead to them bringing back high priced items. This is fairly rare, so it might be better to have the retainer grind out a random material that’s going for a fair bit on the market board.

General Money Making Tips

Try to sell items that sell frequently, instead of high priced items that sell once every month or two. While it may be tempting, you’ll be waiting a long time. Try to keep your retainers maxed out when it comes to selling items. Even if you don’t have time to sell that high priced item, sell a cheap item. It adds up. If you’re REALLY desperate for gil, try buying another retainer and maxing that one out as well.

Don’t go for this.


This is just here for fun. While it is entirely possibly, it’s incredibly difficult to pull off with the current housing problem.

Step 1. Start an FC. Step 2. Find willing randos to join. Step 3. Raise your FC Rank to 6 (This is where Grand Company deliveries come in handy). Step 4. Buy a house (the hardest part). Step 5. Build a company Workshop. Step  6 (Optional). Kick your willing randos out of your FC. It’s YOUR FC now! Step 7. Profit off of FC crafts and voyages.

Happy money making!