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PS5 Console Review

I got my PS5 a while back in January 2021. I was one of the lucky few who managed to snag one pretty early on, thanks to having Twitter notifications on full blast, waking me up for a chance at adding one to the cart. Not even purchasing! I managed to get one after staring at the Best Buy page for a good fifteen minutes, contemplating why I was even doing this. Just then, my self-pity paid off! It came back in stock, and I lost my Best Buy password! To this day, I still don’t know how I had time to reset my password and buy the stupid console. I ended up getting the console bundled with Spider-Man because I had heard that you have a better chance at a bundle since most people only wanted the console, which was expensive enough as it was.

I hadn’t even planned on getting the PS5 for another year or two. A friend had messaged me that Walmart’s preorders went up earlier than they were supposed to, and I passed thinking I would get it once games I was actually interested released. Cough, Final Fantasy 16 cough. But then I had this idea of giving my PS4 to my PS4-less boyfriend. Thus started my PS5 journey that I honestly can’t complain about considering many people had it worse than me.

So, I spent two weeks desperately trying to get a PS5. Yeah, only two weeks compared to people who spent several MONTHS trying to get one. As I said, I’m not going to complain. But this just shows how much hype the PS5 had. But how did the PS5 stack up to these expectations?

No console launch goes perfect, but on top of the overwhelmingly short supply, the PS5 is… quite fragile. And I don’t mean physically. That did get me wondering though: How far can you drop a PS5? Unfortunately, the only video I found on this was dropping it down a spiral staircase and my question was more so would it survive a four-foot drop. I did find an article about someone who dropped it from 15 feet though!

Bottom line, guys, don’t drop your PS5.

But no. The PS5 launched and there was this sort of… error that a lot of people had reported. A lot. It made headlines. What was this error? Well, it would brick the entire system making games literally unplayable. At the time, people thought it was Spider-Man causing the brick. Great, the one game I bought with it. Then it seemed to be more specifically, putting the PS5 in rest mode WHILE playing Spider-Man. And then eventually putting the PS5 in rest mode during any game. From what I can tell, this has since been patched in a system update, but out of fear, I never put my PS5 in rest mode while playing games, which makes the rest mode feature for me, useless.

Even though the PS5 launched like this, it was still a good console. You just had to know ahead of time not to do this one very specific thing or you would have wasted several hundred dollars and a lot of time. I have to say, the biggest thing about the PS5 for me is the controller. This definitely feels like the PlayStation’s most durable controller. It has a nice weight to it and a nice size. A HUGE difference from the PS3’s controller that feels like a toy, and even quite a big difference from the PS4 controller. I love the new rumble feature and the adaptive triggers. Pulling back the trigger when readying a bow will now feel more realistic, as there’s an actual struggle when pressing the trigger.

The speed of the console is another huge improvement. Games will only take an hour, maybe two to download as opposed to four or eight. Updates that would take an hour or two on the PS4 now only take five to ten minutes. Loading in games is also much shorter. Final Fantasy 14 is a great example of this, as teleports are almost instantaneous.

That being said, there’s a lot about the PS5 that I DON’T like. I don’t like this new home screen menu layout. Everything is controlled by either the circle stick or D-Pad, which I guess is supposed to mean the transition is more seamless because it’s buttonless? But it actually feels a lot more clunky to me. Navigating to and through the PS Store is a pain. You navigate to the left to get to the store, then you have to press (or tilt) down to enter the store, just to immediately go back up to get to the store menu. And if you’re like me, you end up clicking up twice and now you’re back out of the store! I also don’t understand why there’s a whole separate tab for Media. I guess in reality it doesn’t look much more different than the PS4, but something about it feels more overwhelming.

Another issue I have is that the game doesn’t confirm that you want to quit the current game you’re playing to play another when another game is selected. This is especially infuriating when you misclick on the menu and your MMO with a one thousand player queue gets closed suddenly.

There’s also like this sub-menu that pops up whenever you press the home button. This is the only way you can turn off or put your PS5 in rest mode! Nope, not on the home screen but through this sub-menu. Also, for whatever reason, the PS5’s default setting is to have the microphone on whenever you turn on your PS5. This can be turned off in the settings, but it’s kind of weird to have this setting as a default… Nothing like turning on Fortnite or Call of Duty and forgetting your mic is unmuted as you crunch on those cheese puffs. Or when your neighbors are yelling.

But those are just minor complaints. The PS5 runs really well. For the most part.

Weeks and months after initially getting the console, I started coming across more errors. For whatever reason, Whenever I unplug my PS5 (when it’s off, thank you very much) it starts having a ton of internet connectivity problems, Sometimes it won’t connect at all, or other times the lag will make online games unplayable. There was a time when for nearly two weeks I couldn’t play online games because the connection was just that bad. While I’m sure I’m probably one of the only people to have this very specific problem of unplugging the system and it not connecting, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who has connection issues with this console. Plenty of Reddit posts complain about poor connection or no connection at all, and plenty of YouTube videos out there explain potential fixes for these problems.

But the internet isn’t the only thing that doesn’t always connect. For whatever reason, the Dual Sense controller randomly decides to drop connection with the console. It glows a weird blue, but not much else. The only way to fix this is by getting up and turning the console off manually, and turning it back on. I’ve had this issue several times now, each time more annoying than the last. And once again, I’m not the only person with this issue.

While the connection issues can get aggravating, they typically don’t happen often enough to make the console unplayable. All of the other little flaws can be overlooked as well, considering how smooth this console runs MOST of the time. I do think these issues will be fixed in later revisions of the console, such as the inevitable Pro and Slim models. Overall, this console might be a bit bumpy in places, but I do think it’s a great console that will get better in time.

Play has no limits. Except for console availability and stable connections.